Gillie Lizra


Gillie has been qualified since 1990 and is a Partner in Sweetman Burke & Sinker. She is the Family Law Supervisor and Head of the Family Law department, which is the largest single department in the firm.  She is Law Society accredited, a Resolution Member and founder of the original Ealing Domestic Violence Forum.


Gillie is one of the foremost Domestic Violence practitioners in West London. She is a passionate advocate for the protection of those suffering from Domestic Violence. She has been helping Victims of Domestic Violence for over 25 years and has lectured on Domestic Violence at the Hendon Police Academy, as well as local police stations. She has close links with domestic violence units, women’s organisations and refuges, where she regularly volunteers.

Another area of specialisation that Gillie undertakes relates to Children Act Matters—notably securing orders under the new regime (Child Arrangements Orders) and helping to outline where a child will live, what time should be spent with a non-resident parent and what contact he or she will have with the absent parent. Gillie also deals with orders that are required to prevent a child being kidnapped or taken out of the country (Prohibited Steps Orders).

Gillie’s track record in helping clients is second to none. She has a large private client base but also willingly undertakes legal aid work and is an expert in how to obtain legal aid. She has lectured a variety of organisations regarding new legal aid regulations and limitations.

Life does not always turn out how we expect it to but with the right guidance and legal advice, we can help you achieve a positive result. Gillie and her team acknowledge that every client is an individual with different circumstances and will therefore have very different needs.

She will strive for the best outcome whilst adopting a very practical approach; recognising the importance of dealing with cases sensitively and cost effectively—after all, you and your family are what matters most.